Thing 4

After a bit of a gap in my 23 things journey, I’m back to it with Digital Security.

Digital security isn’t something I’ve probably given enough thought to in the past. I am a reserved and suspicious person by nature so tend not to dive into signing up for apps willy nilly. As a parent however, I have had to sign up for quite a few school related apps (football teams, educational timetables etc.) without ever giving permissions a second thought.

Most of my apps have the essential permissions and logically it makes sense why they need access to certain things. However, not sure why some apps need access to my microphone and so many have access to my location. I removed those I could but certain one’s I was unable to as it seems they are required in order for the app to function , so they say!

Made a note of my IMEI and serial numbers and was pleased to realise I’d already activated Android Device Manager so my phone can be found if lost.

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Thing 3

I entered my name into Google with some trepidation. Not because I was worried about what I might find, but more likely embarrassed by what I wouldn’t find! I tend to find maintaining my online presence a bit of a chore. I hate admin! I’m a bit old school and prefer face to face time.

The guidance on digital footprint and e-Professionalism was really interesting. I’ve never really thought about what people will make of me from my online presence. I guess I haven’t put much effort into it as I’ve never considered what I want to portray about myself. I’m a Mum. So what?

All the advice about what I’d like to be in the future was thought provoking. This has probably been the perpetual question I’ve asked myself over  the years and now in my 40s maybe the time is now!

As a Careers professional I am definitely going to think about how we adapt this content to share with our placement students to ensure they have really thought this through and are presenting themselves in the best light.

So, did I come up in Google? Well, turns out there’s loads of people with my name so I’m pretty common. My Facebook account didn’t come up but I’m not that active on it and  come haven’t input much personal info in my profile.

I came up in the Top 10 for my name on LinkedIn and my work profile came up. My privacy settings seem to be okay.

How am I going to take this forward?

Starting with FB, LinkedIn and my work profile, I’m going to update the photos and profiles. I definitely need more professional photos for work and LinkedIn and I’m going to spend some time thinking about my key skills and what I want to emphasize in my profiles.

Thing 2

This is all a bit novel for me. I’m somewhat of a lurker and prefer to watch from afar.

I think 23 things is going to be really good for me. I do enjoy connecting and communicating with others so I think once more confident and aware of what tools I can use I’ll get stuck in. It’s a matter of exposure and confidence for me.

I’m not at the University of Edinburgh but I first heard about 23 Things on my masters course. I’m hoping it’ll help me in both my studies and at work. I’m hoping I begin to feel less daunted by technology and embrace it!  Continue reading